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Portrait Artist and Professional Painter from Chicago IL

"It was from delight in the perfection of man and the beauty of the surrounding world and the desire to capture it on canvas that portraiture was born." 1


William T. Chambers is an American portrait artist and professional painter from Chicago. Chambers paints beautiful oils in the time-honored traditional manner with the focus on character and likeness, paying much attention to composition, design, detail, and form.


He has made a name for himself among renowned oil-portrait artists as he treats his subjects and his paintings with sensitivity and respect that captures the beauty and essence of the individual. Among his high-profile subjects are high-ranking politicians, such as former president Bill Clinton; corporate executives, such as Judy Stevenson, CEO at Magnetrol International Inc.; top education officials, such as Dr. Carol Surles, past president of Eastern Illinois University; and Hollywood giants, such as director/producer/screenwriter Steven Spielberg.


In addition to the rich and famous, Chambers also does oils on canvas of men, women, and children from various walks of life. His success with hand-drawn portraits is due in part to talent, training, and the sensitivity he displays with all of his subjects.

He prefers people get to know him through his body of work. It is in these individual paintings you see the scope of his talent, commitment, and understanding of his subjects. Featured categories include: Men's Portraits, Women's Portraits, Family Portraits, Paintings & Lithographs.


Family Portraits

Both honored and loved ones deserve to be captured in oils by Chambers. Whether that family portrait painting consists of one child, all of your children or the entire family together is entirely up to you. Reach out to the artist via phone or email to talk about what you want in your family portrait. Discussing everything from setting to clothing to poses, he works with you, so your family is prepared when the time comes to sit for the portrait. However, before that time comes, rest assured that Chambers has you and your family well prepared and comfortable while being photographed for the oil painting.


Posthumous Portraits

You may have someone in your family who has passed on, but you believe it is essential to memorialize this loved one on canvas. This is a task that Chambers has performed for many families and organizations, creating posthumous portraits for present and future generations.  He treats subjects who already have made their transition from this life with as much respect as he does the living. In fact, he brings the subject to life so your family member is memorialized in a painting you can cherish for generations.


The Artist’s Approach to Painting

Nationally recognized yet humble, Chambers ever aspires to improve his craft and artistic insight, paying homage to the past masters and their timeless portraits. He believes it serves an artist well to keep such awareness in mind.


He considers every commision a privilege, allowing him the opportunity to continue to capture the uniqueness of each person on canvas, celebrate life, and further the craft of the esteemed art of portrait painting.


In addition to portraits, the body of work by Chambers includes landscapes that range from life on the river to a city streetscape; and still life paintings of flowers, fruit, and even garlic and onions.


The starting price for one of his paintings is $9,000, please inquire for current portrait prices.


¹From the introduction to "Russian Painting: Portraiture," Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, 1991.


Contact William T. Chambers to have him paint one of his masterpieces for you.

Featured Categories
Men's Portraits • Women's Portraits • Family Portraits • Paintings • Lithographs •

Starting Price — $9,000

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1From the introduction to "Russian Painting: Portraiture," Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, 1991.