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Respectful Posthumous Portraits in Chicago, IL

Celebrate the life and achievements of someone close to you by commissioning William T. Chambers. As a skilled oil portrait artist, William creates dazzling works of art that honor the departed. Each piece he crafts is carefully planned and executed so that the finished work reflects the dignity and humility of the subject.

William paints posthumous portraits in Chicago, IL, that speak to the character and personality of the subjects within the frame. As a professionally trained painter, William has honed his craft to present an unmistakable style. By applying the detail-intensive impetus of landscapes and still life portraits to human subjects, William creates forward works of art that bring individuals to the forefront. Careful brush strokes, masterful use of lighting and details, and mindfulness of the subject combine to create paintings that are worthy for display at public and private galleries alike.

Commission Details

Hire William as your portrait artist for a deceased friend or family member. His distinct art style and reverence for every subject ensure you will attain a piece that you will cherish for years to come. William can paint portraits of subjects of all ages. 

William’s procedure for posthumous portraits includes using reference photographs of the departed, as well as the memories of the people who have lived and worked with the subject. By working closely with you throughout the commission process, William paints works of art that have a sense of life.

Contact William to request a consultation for a posthumous portrait. William T. Chambers is based in Chicago, IL.